A Minetest mod that implements ladders as 3D nodeboxes
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Laders 3D Is a mod that adds 3D ladders from a wide variety of base materials

All default ladders


Crafting a ladder is done quite similar to crafting the default ladders. Instead of a stick the whole block is used. Just place in an H shape to get 7 ladders. To uncraft a ladder, just place it in the crafting grid to get one of the base block back.

Crafting Recipe Uncrafting Recipe

The crafting recipe is more expensive than the de-facto standard recipe coming from “Minetest Game” default ladders. You get the materials back 1:1, though.

Configuration options

Listed below are the configuration options that can be set either in the global minetest.conf file or in the file _ladders_3d.conf in the world directory. Configuration options are set in the following order.

  1. Built-in defaults
  2. Global configuration options
  3. World-specific configuration options

A settingtypes.txt for the advanced configuration GUI for the Minetest client exists, but this does only set the global configuration options. It is suggested to use world-specific configuration options only, though.

# For each supported mod as `modname`. Refer to the Lua files in `registry` to
# get the currently supported mods.
ladders_3d_load_modname = true

# Override “Minetest Game” default ladders to look 3D (this is considered as a
# “hack” and only looks good with default textures for the ladders.)
ladders_3d_override_default_ladders = true

# Use exact selection box when no custom selection box is set. This does
# not apply to the overridden “Minetest Game” default ladders.
ladders_3d_exact_selection_box = false

# Players can walk through ladders. This sets the `walkable` node value. It is
# “reverse” of that the description is. If it is set to `false` players cannot
# walk through ladders.
ladders_3d_walkable_by_default = false

The listing above shows the default values. Please also refer to settingtypes.txt for a more in-detail description of the parameters. Individual registration files can introduce own configuration options. If the files are built-in the options should be noted in settingtypes.txt.