A Minetest mod adding extra coal variants
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xcoal extra coal variants

This mod adds extra coal variants to games. The mod is game-agnostic and - on a technical basis - does not depend on any other mod or game. It can be enabled within any game but might not provide any new coal variants because there are none defined for that game.

Minetest Game

All mods that come with Minetest Game have their coal-based recipes extended with charcoal. This applies to all other mods that work with Minetest Game and using its default coal type, too.

Charcoal can be created by burning tree logs or planks in the oven.

Minetest Game Tree Logs Minetest Game Wooden Planks

The resulting charcoal items can then be used in all crafting recipes that need coal.

Known issues

The mod uses delayed registration of alternate recipes. That means that all mods are automatically supported by xcoal without any further action (assumed that those mods do not use delayed registration of their items. In this case race conditions could occur).

The recipes are not shown in the Minetest Game craftguide

The MTG craftguide uses delayed parsing of all items to create its recipe database on startup and does not re-parse it after mod loading state. This causes race conditions leading into recipes sometimes not being showed in the craftguide and currently there is no way to fix this or manually register the recipes afterwards.

The recipes are registered for crafting, though. So any recipes that use Minetest Games coal items can be “translated” to use the respective xcoal variants.

The recipe for X has no alternate recipe

When registering coal variants there is an ignore table that contains all items whose recipes should not be touched. Maybe X is in that table.

Another issue could be that the recipe is not a normal crafting recipe as per Minetest API and was registered differently, maybe for a special crafting system, or for a machine that comes with a mod.

This could also happen if the mod the item comes from also uses delayed loading of items and the mods item was registered after xcoal registered the extra coal variants.

Feel free to create an issue. Ill investigate the case.

Helping the mod

If youre a mod author or game author and think xcoal should support your mod or game by registering an extra coal variant, feel free to check the registration example and create a pull request with your definition.