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Neovim colorscheme based on the Tango color palette
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during migration to lazy.nvim it was omitted in my local configuration
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here to make it more universally usable – and because it’s in the legacy
Packer configuration snippet, too.
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A colorscheme based on the Tango color palette that originates from the Tango Desktop Project.

The colorscheme has a slight bias on yellow-ish and green colors and supports dark backgrounds only. Please refer to the full color palette for more details on the used colors.

There are no background colors set, so the color of the terminal is used. Ideally the terminals background-color is set to #2e3435 and the foreground color (text color) is set to #d3d7cf.


Here are some screenshots to show how the colorscheme looks like.

.lua .sh .py .md

Languages/Sources in order:

  1. Lua code from Neovims runtime/lua/vim/diagnostic.lua file
  2. Bash script from the bash-completion package
  3. Python program from the glib library
  4. Markdown source in a specific state of this readme

The status line seen in the screenshots is lualine.nvim with my configuration.


You can simply install the colorscheme using a package manager.

-- lazy.nvim
    -- [more plugins here]
        url = 'https://git.0x7be.net/dirk/neovim-tango-colors',
        lazy = false,
        priority = 1000,
        config = function ()
            vim.opt.termguicolors = true

-- Packer
  -- [more plugins here]
        config = function()
            vim.opt.termguicolors = true

This installs/loads the colorscheme plugin and enables it using one of those package managers.

Supported plugins and features

Elements that are currently not styled but are common highlights will look very ugly on purpose. If you see one of them (and you will clearly notice them), please share a code snippet showing them. Interested users and developers: please refer to the definitions format documentation.