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Relevant configuration

  • When vim.opt.spell is set to true the currently used spelling language is show in the corresponding Lualine field. If it is set to false, [] is shown instead. If the spell checker is disabled the Markdown language ID extraction is also disabled.

  • vim.opt.spelllang = 'xx' is used in the Markdown ftplugin configuration file to determine the default language when the language cannot be extracted automatically from the file name. If not set, the default of this parameter is used (en).


Advanced configuration


The Lualine configuration is completely customized

Alt text

  • n - The current mode (n = normal i = insert, ^V = visual, etc.)
  • rw+ - The current buffer mode (r = always shown “readable” flag, w = buffer/file is writeable, x = executable file, + = buffer was modified), when no file is loaded, only [] is shown, followed by the modified flag (+ when actually modified).
  • nvim/init.lua - The currently loaded file in the buffer in scheme of directory/filename. If no file was loaded, nothing is shown.
  • lua - The detected (or set) file type. Automatic extraction is used when no file type was reported. The automatic extraction shows the suffix, where filename.suffix will be shown as {suffix}.
  • en - Current spelling language, if multiple languages are uses, theyre listed as lang1/lang2/lang3, etc. If spell checker is disabled [] is shown.
  • 20:24 - Current row and column of the cursor (Unicode-aware). If the character limit (currently “hardcoded” to 80 characters) is exceeded its shown as [!] 1:100 (+20) where 1 is the row, 100 is the current position and +20 is the amount of characters over the limit. The limit is ignored in Markdown files.


Plugin management

  • lazy.nvim Updating and managing plugins




  • mini.align Tabular alignment assistant, standalone version
  • which-key.nvim Assistant that shows key binds on key presses

Own plugins