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# Use an exact representation of the shape of the ladder instead of a flat square to select the ladder.
# The exact selection box allows punching through the ladder where it has openings (between the individual steps, for example) which could make it harder for “accessing” the ladder for building or destroying.
# If diabled, it is easier to “access” the ladder but you cannot build through it.
ladders_3d_exact_selection_box (Use exact selection box) bool false
# If a ladder was registered without an explicit setting regarding this, this value is used instead.
# If it is enabled, ladders become solid nodes a player cannot walk through. If the option is disabled then players can walk through the ladders as if they were not solid.
ladders_3d_walkable_by_default (Players can walk through ladders) bool false
[Built-in mod support]
[* Minetest Game]
[** default]
# Creates 3D ladders from various base nodes except for materials that already have ladders registered by the “default” mod.
ladders_3d_load_default (Enable built-in support for “default”) bool true
# This only looks good when the default ladder texture was not changed or when the changed texture has the same shape as the default ladder texture. This is considered a “hack” to prevent having to create aliases or messing with the node registration.
ladders_3d_override_default_ladders (Override default ladders to look 3D) bool true
# Ladders made from the default wood types except the generic “wood” ladder
ladders_3d_default_wooden_ladders (Register wooden ladders) bool true
# Ladders made from the default metal types except the steel ladder
ladders_3d_default_metal_ladders (Register metal ladders) bool true