A Chrome extensions that gets all links from a page and shows them in an interactively filterable list
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Gib Links! - A Chrome extensions that gets all links from a page and shows them in an interactively filterable list



There are some options available.

  • Base font size: By default, the font size is 16px which is the default font size in most browsers. If the font size is too large or small, change this to whatever fits your needs.

  • Default filter: The default filter can be used to predefine a filter string (Javascript regular expression). This filter string is always used when opening the dialog window.

  • Realtime filter: When enabled, all key presses are instantly triggering the links list repopulation while you type instead of only when pressing enter. This causes “flickering” of the links list and will be slow on large links lists.

When filtering links, you might want to copy&paste all links to somewhere. Simply click the copy links button in order to copy all currently listed links to the system clipboard. This makes the plaintext links available to the system.

While the dialog is open you can also simply select everything (usually Ctrl+A) and copy it wherever you like. Even if the filter string is visually selected, it wont be copied. With Ctrl+A in the Gib Links! dialog you really only copy the shown links.

A word on permissions

This extension uses the following permissions.

  • activeTab: Access the content of the currently active tab when clicking the extensions button. Needed for injecting the needed code for the extension to function.
  • scripting: Inject the needed code (Javascript and CSS) to provide the functionality and design of the dialog.
  • storage: Store and load user-defined options for the extension. See “Options” section of this documentation.

No further permissions are needed. No user-data is collected or stored anywhere by this extension.

Local testing

To locally test the extension just open test_links.html in the browser. By default 100 links are generated. To change this, just append #X to the URL where X is the number of links you want to generate for testing.


All code and configuration is licensed under the MIT license. The icon was taken from the Tango Desktop Project. The icons of this project are under public domain.